Christina Viola Oorebeek, composer

wavy scenes i:ii:iii:iv via MIDI for Utopa Baroque organ

November 9, 2018
Conlon’s Call: 8 new works for Utopa Baroque Organ OrgelPark, Amsterdam
The Netherlands
___are sound impressions of the four colorations of the “The Annunciation” from Andy Warhol’s print series Details of Renaissance Paintings.  “The Annunciation” (1472,1984 ) shows his unique adaptation of the biblical scene by Leonardo Da Vinci - only the hands of the angel Gabriel and the Virgin Mary shown with a Tuscan landscape between them.
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Each of the four 'wavy scenes’  begins and ends with horizontal lines of vibrating textures, embracing zigzags and arpeggio’s of parallel harmonies, imagined as a musical proscenium.  The fabulous Utopa Baroque organ offers unlimited possibilities - here but a first encounter, a work-in-progress.