Christina Viola Oorebeek, composer

Speed Loops for quatre-mains on the 31-tone Fokker organ (2016)

1. medium slow
2. shifting
In “Speed Loops”, my second piece for this special instrument, I wanted to juxtapose familiar sound textures with those utilizing the 31-tone scale. Repeating rhythmic fragments, little ‘engines of sound’, were the vehicles by which these polarized harmonic and melodic worlds were juxtaposed.
A third element was the use of tempi: steady tempo - ‘ritmo mechanico’, going from very, very slow to asap, and
alternating patterns played on the pedals in Part 1, changing speed like someone feeling tipsy, like a ship in a storm.

supported by the Performing Arts Fund, Netherlands
first performance: by Ere Lievonen and Susanne Kujala
Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, Amsterdam
April 24, 2016 during the concert
"4 feet, 4 hands"