Christina Viola Oorebeek, composer

Fulgura Frango : for trumpet, Eb trumpet, bugle and ensemble (2002, rev 2003)

duration: 15'
first performance: 2002 in the Doelen in Rotterdam
commissioned and performed by the Doelen Ensemble conducted by
Arie van Beek, Andre Heuvelmans, solo trumpets

revision 2003: April 13, 2003 in the Doelen in Rotterdam by
the Doelen Ensemble conducted by Arie van Beek,
Marco Blaauw, solo trumpets
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Fulgura Frango is the inscription found on many church bells in Europe from the Medieval times right up until the end of the 19th century. Translated, it means, "I break the lightning" , and shows the faith of the bell ringers and the church in the protective power of the ringing of the bells in times of emergency - to ward off electrical storms and agressive attacks, to name a few. Many a bell ringer met his end while performing his duty during lightning strikes to the church tower.

Fragments of the pitch cycles of the bell ringers of England provided rich sources for melodic ideas, which fit in with the overal theme of the work.
A 'singing highway', heard on a journey in New Mexico, was an important inspiration for the melody and rhythms used in the chorale section.

This piece was supported by the Dutch Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst