Christina Viola Oorebeek, composer

background and special interests

Not the 'new' for novelty's sake, but an open mind and extreme curiosity for what's happening around her and the need to evolve and renew a personal aesthetic are the motivations behind Christina Viola Oorebeek's work.

A trip to Las Vegas to record one-arm bandits for a music-theatrical piece; developing new instruments 'the soundwheel', plexiphone, midi-toy piano; writing story and libretto for her chamber opera "The Pitchshifter", making music for flying kite, percussion and live electronics "tempus fugit" belong to the work of someone composing with a lack of adherence to convention, but cherishing a great love for histories and traditions.

An American-Dutch composer leaving the US in '69 after singing in the 60's band Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks, she tried her hand for a short while as a singer songwriter in London. Having alighted in Amsterdam in '72, she worked for years as an improvising dance musician and 'rhythm for dance' teacher at the Hogeschool vd Kunsten Amsterdam. During this period she studied piano with Willem Brons at the Conservatory of Amsterdam where she truly 'heard' contemporary new music for the first time and finally found her artistic direction. At 50, she embarked on a career in composition, studied with Klaas de Vries, in Rotterdam, graduated with the Composition Prize and has been composing ever since. More studies were done with among others, Richard Rijnvos.

Visual sources are important inspirations - modernism of the XXe, popular media, textiles, patterns of all kinds, natural phenomena (with a special fascination for all things electric) and more. With 'Period Point Blank', she embarked on making and integrating video in her work for the first time, and would like to pursue this direction further.

Her work has been performed in among others, the Netherlands, France, China, Italy, Norway, Finland, Japan, Taiwan, South Africa, the USA and Canada.
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