Christina Viola Oorebeek, composer

EDGES for solo percussion with amplified Plexiphone and electronics; Super-8 projector, oscillator or Super-8 projector audio samples (2006-2008)

EDGES is a collaboration between filmaker Ester Eva Damen, percussionist and composer Arnold Marinissen and myself in 2006 to make a piece for Arnold's percussion and video solo concert in 2006. A new instrument emerged from the collaboration: the Plexiphone, a rectangular, amplified piece of plexiglass mounted with strips of decorative wooden moulding - played by Arnold with non-traditional objects.

Ester Eva explored light and time in her film through shifting layers of nighttime images. The five movements of EDGES show visual rhythms, city streets, a travelling carnival. in this play of shifting phases the music and film complement and define each other in seemingly random ways. The sounds are of transcience - inspired by suitcase wheels bouncing on city streets; tires rolling over highways; an off-kilter bass solo and the murmur of a Super 8 film projector playing at different speeds.

Arnold performed EDGES many times in a solo percussion program with video in 2006-07 and later, played a version with an oscillator replacing the super-8 film projector speeds.
first performance:
Het Cenakel, Tilburg September, 2006 Arnold Marinissen, percussion
film maker : Ester Eva Damen

October 18, 2008
Ultima Festival, Oslo, Norway
Mathias Reumert, percussion

June 20, 2008
Institute for Contemporary Performance Practice, New England Conservatory,
Boston, USA
Mathias Reumert, percussion

January 10, 2010
Stedelijk Museum Chapel, Schiedam
KNOB Duo Pepe Garcia, percussion and Hugo Morales, electronics and composer

January 18, 2018
solo op Zolder
Bart de Vrees, percussion
Amsterdam, Netherlands
In 2015, Daniel Schorno , composer and instrument maker helped me make a smaller Plexiphone II, and I rewrote the music to include toy piano together with Ester Eva's film. This was a request of Phyllis Chen and was performed by Adam Tendler at the Uncaged Festival 2015 in NYC for a theme using music for and around toy piano's with imagery at the Museum of Moving Image, Astoria, Queens, NYC.