Christina Viola Oorebeek, composer

Das letzte Gold verfallener Sterne : for soprano and ensemble poem: Georg Trakl

duration: 13'
sopr fl(pic) ob cl cl-b perc hp cel 2vl vla vc cb
The poem 'An den Knaben Elis' contains evocative images and scenes, in which nature and color play an important role. In that world created by Georg Trakl, I discovered a story of transformation, in which memories of loss and finiteness are transmuted into otherworldly, transparent moments. The music is written in a series of 'panels', one for each line of text. Some panel reappear a number of times, others less often. When one of these musical fragments reappears, there is always some variation, so that a musical fabric is woven of remembrance and transmutation.

November 6, 2004
Ensemble Domestica
Wim Steinmann, conductor, Charlotte Riedijk, soprano
Rotterdam, Netherlands